Owl (sold)

I present my Kalluste Owl guitar, the next generation of quality guitars. Not all guitars are created equally. There are huge differences in prices and in the quality of sound. Construction methods as well as the types of woods used to affect the sound and playing ease are also critical. So, for the finest guitars and the most exceptional sound quality anywhere, you need to look no further than Kalluste!

The body of my new Owl guitar amplifies the vibration of the strings when a note or chord is played. Different woods provide different tonal qualities and therefore effect the “individual voice” of each guitar. The back and sides of our Owl body is crafted from the finest mahogany, the top, or sound board, is of quality, solid maple -critical to the voice of the Owl.

The Owl guitar possesses a hollow sound chamber with the sound hole providing the rich, full and even sound from the additional
amplification. The neck is maple and the keyboard from Amaranth also known as Purpleheart. I have never used Purpleheart or Amaranth before. Its color is a rich dark purple, like eggplant. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I made this choice. My 24 frets are made from top quality durable stainless steel giving each chord a clean and brilliant sound.

Model KT-Style
Body Mahogany (made in one piece)
Body Top Ash
Body Hollow
Body Color Natural
Binding B/W
Neck Maple
Fretboard Amaranth
Fretboard radius 12”
Scale length 647,7 mm (25,5”)
Width at nut 42,8 mm (1,68”)
Nut Vintage bone (BFTS nut)
Thickness at 1 st fret 19 mm (0,748”)
Frets 24 (Stainless steel)
Fret height 1,15 mm (0,045”)
Fret width 2,15 mm (0,084”)
Tuners Schaller locking guitarmachines (chrome)
Strap security locks Schaller (chrome)
Bridge Gotoh bridge for Tele (chrome)
Pickups Joe Barden tele set
Finish Polyurethane lacquer (natural)
Strings 10-52 Elixir
Weight 3,286kg
Case Included